Intelligent ways to plan and decorate a small space

In the present article, we will discuss the feature of home décor in a better way according to the new trends in 2021, such as the usage of symmetry. Symmetry is used in interior design to achieve harmony and a sense of calm – perfect for maximizing a small living room – and it can be taken to the extreme if you decorate with subdued neutrals. The beautiful brass accents, a prominent design feature this year, help detract from the living room’s scale.

Sara Cosgrove, the director of Sara Cosgrove Studio, which has offices in Dublin and London, reveals how this rich scheme came true. ‘Our client decided to build a more formal reception and entertaining room while keeping it light and airy so it could be used every day.

Our approach was to keep the walls light and airy while adding an elevated feel with the best brass accent, antique mirrored elements, and a beautiful Chesney fireplace. Decluttering can make a room feel wider, and it’s one of the best ways to build the illusion of more space. Keep your room clean and organized by eliminating toys, plants, curiosities, and other wanted objects, and your space will feel immediately larger and more inviting.

Yet, brilliant small living room storage ideas are essential for preserving this clutter-free, space-enhanced vibe. Space will quickly feel tidy and accessible with accessories and necessities neatly organized and out of sight – a room packed full of ‘belongings’ takes up space, making it feel disorderly, noisy, and cramped. Also, we try to keep the floor as clean as possible, as it’s one of the essential parts of the home decor.

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