Minwax’s Vintage Blue is the first color in 2021

The experts declare some colors as colors of the year, such as Vintage Blue was named the first-ever color of Minwax, a wood stain company. When used on wood furniture, cabinetry, shelving, and decorative accents, this organic combination of blue and green with soft grey undertones produces a calming atmosphere and a nostalgic feel. That also creates a good atmosphere in a home, and we can feel pleasure and comfort with it. 

According to Kim, a color marketing manager for Minwax, Vintage Blue links us to the gentle force of nature and a calming wistful mood. Vintage Blue wakes us up in the morning with a new outlook, like a breath of fresh air. It also goes with every sort of decor. To bring out its retro appeal, layer it with earthy neutrals like warm white, amber, and charcoal, or add other shades of blue like navy or denim for a sleeker, tone-on-tone look. Vintage Blue is a penetrating oil-based stain and a water-based wood stain in semi-transparent or solid finishes.

Further, this color presents a good look that attracts the people and makes their dream true for a well-decorated home. Furthermore, this color can be used not only for decorating the walls but also that can be used to paint the furniture as well. The combination of walls and furniture with the same color can make the room décor beautiful and well decorated. Furthermore, light fixtures with the same color can also make the room décor very attractive at night time.

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