Process of Closet Design

I realized I wanted to collaborate on my closet concept with IKEA Frisco. I kept coming back to pictures of the IKEA PAX wardrobe system that I had saved on my Pinterest inspiration boards. I like how the PAX can be customized to suit your specific needs and the room you’re using it in. This article explores an entire blog post about my Ikea closet design process.


Moreover, For the room furniture in the Clubface, we have a big picture in mind. All had to be clean, functional, and moody because I started from scratch. I needed furniture that I would be able to use for several years, which could be used in various spaces. I collaborated with Safavian on all of my closet furniture, rug, and lighting in the clifflike, which I discussed in detail. 

I kept staring at it after painting the back wall behind my desk and hanging art, thinking it needed something else, especially something slightly different. I considered painting an accent wall, but I kept coming back to the concept of using wallpaper to create a statement wall. I love using wallpaper as an accent wall and in smaller spaces to make a fun statement, so I figured it would work well here.


I wanted to keep my home looking neat and professional, so I removed all of my hangers and purchased a new floor-length mirror. My previous hangers were black felt with a silver metal base, and my mirror was silver. Both were changed to acrylic with gold highlights. Closet Complete provided my hangers, which I adore. The transparent acrylic helps you see all of your clothes without being disturbed, which I love; I decided to get it.

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